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Posted by on December 4, 2011

I found this insightful post at “A Year On” sharing experiences of a sabbatical year in Jerusalem:

If community-building is centripetal, pulling together, this year is all about the centrifuge. Our little family unit is being spun all around, getting to interact with all different kinds of people and communities. It’s confusing but not lonely, or as my parents always said about our family, “never easy, never dull.”

via A Year On | Adventures of a mom in the Middle East.

In another post, she describes some of the challenges her children experience with the change and the new environment. She observes that “home” takes on a new meaning in a new place. Home becomes even more about family, the people that occupy our home. Home feels like home not because of where we are, but those with whom we share it. She goes on to tell her children:

“you know, you can feel two things at the same time. Really, really happy to be living here and having these new experiences, and really, really sad to not be at home.” Which is the truth.

It’s a simple truth.

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