Day at Palm Cove Beach during School Holiday

Posted by on August 14, 2014

After discovering that there is no beach in Cairns, we bundled up and hopped the bus out to Palm Beach – about 30 minutes from our hotel. It was a perfect day – warm, sunny, calm enough to be comfortable, but wavy enough to have some fun. We lathered with sun screen, sat on the beach, had a swim, went for walks, collected sea glass, saw a few little lizards, dug holes, got buried in sand, had a picnic lunch, enjoyed the scenery. It was a lazy day in a beautiful place. On the bus home was a large group of French students from New Brunswick – was nice to hear that familiar accent and see the Canadian flags on their bags and clothing. Not much more to say about the day other than it was another amazing experience where we find ourselves giggling, looking at each other, and saying, “hey… know what? We’re in Australia!!”

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