Term 3: Life as usual, except on a different continent

Posted by on October 23, 2014

10476325_10152232326951572_5038983947923893482_o10628107_10152248629366572_4046147424440671038_nTerm 3 Not many posts for these last 10 weeks. Life had seemed to hit a bit of a routine. We find ourselves focusing on school, work, cleaning, visiting, grocery shopping, laundry, the routine stuff of day to day life. Every once in a while we think, “oh yeah, we’re in Australia.” Or “geez, this isn’t really our house we’re living in!” Even the spectacular scenery on the drive to and from work is blending into the background as my mind focuses on the day’s work, or course readings, or whatever happens to be taking me away from the present moment. Early in the year every texture, every hill and bird, and tree, the smells and sounds we all so unique. They still are, but they’ve migrated out of my consciousness into the background. We are focused more on people than places, it seems. With walks, coffee, and great visits over dinner, musical evenings, and games… it’s at once both happy for the amazing people friends we are making, and bittersweet knowing that our time here is increasingly short.

Carlen and I have attended a few Astronomy Club meetings appreciating the access to dark skies and top astronomers here in Coonabarabran. we have also joined the community band finding a lot of joy in making music with others. We’ve also been here long enough for me, at least, to develop a bit of a liking for Vegemite. My exchange partner left a small jar for us and I promised myself I’d eat all of it before the end of the year. Was a slow start but I’m gaining momentum and find that occasionally I have a craving for some Vegemite on toast. The local bakery makes a delicious Vegemite Scroll; imagine a cinnamon bun where the cinnamon and sugar are replaced with vegemite and baked cheese – initially a bit of a horrifying prospect, but they really are a nice treat with a fresh ground “long black” coffee
So life continues and we are ever grateful for the experiences. We certainly miss being in the same place at the same time with family and friends back home, and value daily connections over social media. It makes the distance seem far less great and our loved ones much more close.

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  1. ruraloutlier

    Glad to hear and see that you’re having such a great experience but also looking forward to having you all home again.

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