Travel Agent a must for International Teaching Exchange

Posted by on December 21, 2013

We DIY a lot of things including travel but it didn’t take long to realize that we would greatly benefit from a travel agent for our teaching exchange travel plans. With so many possibilities, flexibility in departure and arrival times, extended layovers, and a sense of frugality balancing the sense of adventure, it was more than we felt comfortable managing on our own.

James Gjaltema with Flight Centre Associates contacted us after we posted our travel needs on Despite being half a continent apart, we emailed and telephoned to discuss our needs. He was able to search across days, destinations, and airlines and came up with trip that met all our needs AND was cheaper than we were able to find online. He also looked at the tour package we wanted for our layover in Beijing, vetted the company, and made those arrangements for us.

So, not only did we get what we wanted for travel, it cost us less, and we feel much more at ease knowing James is on things for us including our return journey a year from now.  In two more days we’ll be lifting off to start our adventure; back to cleaning up!

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  1. Doug Kellough

    We will miss you but will follow your story with love and interest! Doug, Laura-Lee and Kevin

    • milesmac

      Thanks so much – will sure miss being so close to family and friends, but thankful for easy communication these days!

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