en route to Teacher Exchange: Beijing Day 1

Posted by on December 28, 2013

Big travel day crossing a bunch of time zones from Vancouver to Beijing. Here are some snaps from the experience.

Leaving Vancouver

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Up early to accommodate any unforseen circumstances that might arise... like locking the keys in the trunk of the car and having to call CAA. True story.

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  1. Lara Szuhan

    Hi Miles,
    We have spoken previously. Congrats on the move. I am now on my journey for exchange. My application has been successful here in Australia, now its the waiting game for a match. Any suggestions of how to play it out? Or things I should start preparing for. I live about 30 minutes from Melbourne city and about 10 minute walk from my school. I know it took a while for you to match up. How does that even happen?

    • milesmac

      Super! Excited for your application. Once your application is approved then the waiting starts. Nothing you can really do in the initial stages – depends on who applies, what they teach, and where they live. It also doesn’t hurt to post your intentions on travel/exchange/teacher sites too. If it happens you aren’t matched, then searching out someone in the same situation may reveal a potential match. That’s how my match happened. Once we found each other, we approached our exchange coordinators and they made things official.

      Sounds like you have an awesome situation! All the best for the journey ahead!

  2. Wesley

    Hi there Lara. I am just waiting on one signature from the board office here near Brantford, Ontario, Canada. We are hoping to exchange with a teacher from Australia. I teach Phys Ed. Is there any chance you do as well?


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