Aussie Pubs

Posted by on April 5, 2014

Every town has at least one and they all share some common architectural features. A two story affair occupying an important corner, or the middle of a block. A second floor veranda with intricate iron rail balusters overhangs the sidewalk in front. Haven’t been inside many, but the ones I have are not lacking in character. Like home, we occasionally head out for a refreshment after work. Unlike home, almost all pubs here have a covered courtyard and some family-friendly places. Some even have playgrounds for the kids, and mine, last week, had a small flock of chickens wandering around.

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  1. Saje

    some pubs have a children’s playing area-gasp! That is brilliant! Dave will never want to leave this fabulous country!

  2. milesmac

    There’s lots to love about Australia, that’s for sure!

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