Social Media Tools for Documenting Travel

Posted by on April 5, 2014

Apart from the blog and Twitter for recording and sharing our experiences, we are using the Foursquare app. When you open the app it checks to see where you are and lists nearby places. Find where you are in the list and “check in”. It records your presence there and then you can see what else is around you. Search for nearby accommodations, restaurants, special attractions. Read reviews and user hints about different locations. Some places offer deals for Foursquare users who check in to their establishment.

Like Facebook, your information is only visible to those with whom you connect and there’s no obligation to connect at all. You can simply use the app to keep track of your travels. We consulted our check-in history a few times to remember the name of a restaurant, or the date we were in a particular city, and once to follow up with an unfamiliar charge to our credit card.

You can also export your check-ins to a file that can be read by Google Earth which then shows all your checkins on a map! Pretty neat stuff. Would love to hear about travel apps others are using…

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