Second School Break

Posted by on August 6, 2014

Before flying to Cairns for the second school break we spent a few days with another exchange family in Newcastle. They started their exchange in June of 2013 and were preparing to head home after their year here. Part of the visit included a Canada Day celebration with the friends they met there. Was a fun night and we met lots of awesome people, some of whom have “tickets to Coonabarabran”. The following day we went to Caves Beach and explored the many nooks and crannies along the shore marvelling at the mini ecosystems that form in holes in the rock eroded by pebbles and the ceaseless cycle of tides. Carlen popped in for a swim but it wasn’t so warm he wanted to stay in for very long. It is the middle of winter here after all!
Our flight to Cairns was in the evening leaving us some time to visit one of the beaches in Sydney. It reminded us of where we were and counted our many blessings. So much to be thankful for, particularly during this tremendous year of opportunity.

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