School Holiday in Krabi & Koh Samui, Thailand

Posted by on October 24, 2014

We spent a couple of days in Krabi in a funny little hotel. The rooms were nothing to write home about (although, in a sense, that’s exactly what I’m doing) but the place had a pool and was within walking distance of the markets and water AND it was only about $25 per night. Krabi is a much smaller, more quiet and laid back place.

We took an excursion to the James Bond island, the place used for filming some scenes in The Man with the Golden Gun. Included in the trip was a visit to a floating village, a buffet meal, an optional canoe through some caves, a swim near a waterfall, and all transportation. It was a nice day and we appreciate the opportunity to meet other fellow travellers. On the tour was a family from Spain, a girl from France and a couple from England. Carlen quite enjoyed the English couple’s company – they had lots of stories to tell of their diving adventures and many travels. We had a nice visit with the French girl and swapped photo-taking services at each location.

Our stay in Koh Samui was also very relaxing. We splurged a bit on a resort (though even then, the prices were extremely reasonable!) on the beach with a beautiful pool and nice restaurant. The staff were all so wonderful and made us feel like the first and only guests in the whole place. There was a nice buffet breakfast included and the dinner meals were spectacular. The setting was amazing with tall palms on a sandy beach with forested hills off in the distance. The highlight of our resort stay was when our dear son used some money he had saved up and arranged a private dinner on the beach in a little thatch shelter. While he wanted it for just mom and dad while he would eat off somewhere else, they set the table for three and we enjoyed an amazing meal together as a family. So thankful for all our experiences and the generosity of our boy. What a treat, what a treasure.

Alicia wanted to have an overcoat made and called a tailor with great reviews. They picked us up, took us to the shop for the measurements, drove us home. Then brought the coat to the hotel later for a fitting, then back for alterations. They dropped the finished coat at reception quite late and when she tried it there were a couple little things not quite right. She emailed and they came late that night to pick it up and had it corrected and delivered by the time we woke up in the morning. Quite spectacular service. ( I hope that everyone in the work chain has a fair wage and reasonable working conditions.)

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  1. Rey

    mmmm….buffet breakfast….

  2. Jack Tynan

    Hi guys, my wife and I are considering exchanges to Canada. It sounds like you have had a great time in Australia and I am really glad you are feeling so positive.

    We,also, recently went to Koh Samui. It was fabulous.

    Thank you for the blogs.

    We work in very rural parts of Victoria, my wife in nearby Yarrawonga, and I work in a very small town called Nathalia, 80km away from where we live, in the locality of Burramine. You might have to check out Google maps!

    Do you think/feel Canadian exchange teacher/s would cope with the distance to travel to work each day (160km/d, 50mins one way) and the distance from a large centre/capital?


    • milesmac

      Hi Jack – that’s for the note. It has been an amazing year. We weren’t matched through the official process for two years, luckily an Australian teacher with similar situation to yours contacted us and was willing to spend the year living in our rural home near Manitoba’s capital. Both of us were willing to tweak our expectations and take on the unexpected. We have really enjoyed the year as has our exchange partner. Our respective exchange program coordinators were then able to process the paperwork for us.
      Another exchange family here this year also made their own match then proposed the exchange to the coordinators. It is likely someone somewhere will be willing to take your spot but you never know who will apply from year to year. Some are easy to arrange, others are more of a challenge though “challenge” isn’t really the right word. If someone applies and they are suited to what is on offer, then that’s it. So, it is neither easy nor hard, just luck and patience, and a little rustling the bushes to see who is interested.
      We drove through your neck of the woods in January shortly after we got here on our way to Melbourne. We enjoyed our time in Victoria.
      All the best with your application!

  3. Jack Tynan

    I’ll have to give it a go, then. I’ll start putting out feelers amongst the contacts I already have in Canada.

    Thank you.

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