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Posted by on December 5, 2011
After crunching numbers, playing with the budget, and discussing the enormity of the undertaking, we (my wife, son and I) have applied for an international teacher exchange to Australia. This means swapping jobs and homes with a teacher overseas: I work at his/her school, in his/her teaching position, and we live in his/her house. S/he does likewise here in Canada.
It took two years, but we now have a match and we will spend the 2014 calendar year in New South Wales, Australia!
This blog, for us, serves a few purposes:
  1. a venue for recording our experiences; whether anyone actually reads it or not, journaling is a good way to process stuff that needs processing
  2. communicating to friends and family some general updates
  3. a resource for others considering an international teaching exchange – we have appreciated reading other exchange teacher blogs and gained a broader understanding of the experience to come; this is our contribution to that bank of knowledge
As we continue to prepare and process the experience we’ll share details here. Feel free to share your experiences, ask questions, offer advice.

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  1. Karen Lirenman

    Not sure how I stumbled across this blog (okay it was on Twitter) but super excited for you. I was on exchange in Australia for the 2009 school year so if I can help you out with anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Karen, in BC (exchanged to Melbourne AU)

    • admin

      That’s awesome, Karen. Thanks for the offer. How was the application process for you? When did you get your match? Anything you wish you had known before leaving? We’re hoping for Melbourne too.

  2. Zana

    Hi there,
    Thanks for your website. I stumbled across it as I was searching for info on exchanges to Canada. I am considering applying this year for exchange in 2015. Good luck with finding a match…….I am keen to apply and hope to find a match too! I’m in the Barossa, South Australia.

    • milesmac

      Thanks for the note, and good luck with your application. I hope you find some useful resources here. The links to other exchange blogs are great reads and some give a good sense of the challenges and pleasures of the experience. Your location looks gorgeous… Oldest wine-growing region in Australia?! Awesome!

      While I wasn’t matched in the official process, I did make a connection with another unmatched applicant and things look promising for 2014 for us. Excited to post more details and reflections as things are confirmed. Keep in touch 🙂

  3. RoseVi

    I have been considering to sign up for teacher exchange. I live in Sydney. My friend in Edmonton has been encouraging me to try out Canada. I only want to experience it for 6 months preferably in Edmonton too. I am not getting any younger and I really would like to get the most out of my teaching experience. Is it still possible?

  4. milesmac

    Rose –
    Have a look at the NSW teacher exchange program. http://www.dec.nsw.gov.au/about-us/careers-centre/school-careers/teaching/our-programs-and-initiatives/teachers-professional-exchange and contact them about possibilities for what you want. The NSW Teacher Exchange program has a Facebook page as well with info https://www.facebook.com/teacherexchangensw
    all the best!

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