No, not yet. Soon we hope.

Posted by on April 25, 2012

Half a year has passed since we mailed our application and no word yet on whether the Australian teacher exchange coordinators have found a match for us. I connected with two other applicants this past week. One who also applied to Australia has still not heard; while another applied for a UK exchange was disappointed, but not surprised there was no match for her. UK exchanges are, apparently, harder to secure.

The daily trip to the mail box.

Waiting is hard, particularly at this point when word could come any day. Not knowing yet whether we’ll be leaving in eight months for a year overseas, or staying on here at home and applying again is a challenge. But waiting is the only thing we can do. Wait, and tackle the jobs on the household to-do list.

Another challenge is the almost daily question from friends, family, and aquaintences: “Have you heard anything yet?”

No, not yet. Soon, we hope.

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