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Term Two Weekends on Teaching Exchange

Since we returned from New Zealand we have enjoyed some weekend outings around home: some hikes on different trails in the Warrumbungles, a day trip to Dubbo to get some soccer shoes for Carlen and treat ourselves to a restaurant meal, and a couple quiet weekends at the house. Here is an album of pictures … Continue reading »

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New Zealand for the School Holiday

Rather than fill this post with text, I’m adopting a strategy from my son’s blog and attaching descriptions to each picture. There are 63 pics in this set from our travels around New Zealand’s north island. [Show slideshow]

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School Holiday in New Zealand (notes)

We’ve been travelling around New Zealand for the first school holiday. We spent the first couple of days in Auckland in a neat little motel – an older place but it was big, had a kitchenette, and a nice sized living space. We were able to cook a couple of meals there and save a … Continue reading »

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Social Media Tools for Documenting Travel

Apart from the blog and Twitter for recording and sharing our experiences, we are using the Foursquare app. When you open the app it checks to see where you are and lists nearby places. Find where you are in the list and “check in”. It records your presence there and then you can see what … Continue reading »

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Aussie Pubs

Every town has at least one and they all share some common architectural features. A two story affair occupying an important corner, or the middle of a block. A second floor veranda with intricate iron rail balusters overhangs the sidewalk in front. Haven’t been inside many, but the ones I have are not lacking in … Continue reading »

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