How do You Even Start Preparing for a Year-long International Teaching Exchange

Posted by on November 21, 2011

Swapping jobs and homes is more involved than you might think. Factor in not knowing the exchange partner, and there are a million concerns and questions with not so many answers yet. Here are some:

Many questions

Transportation there: Buy? Lease? Public transport? Insurance rates? Driving on the other side of the road!

Pets here: Anyone want to house-sit a dog and nine fish?

Personal items left: Pack away? In the house? Elsewhere?

Starting package for partner: Parkas and Boots? Food? Toiletries?

Winterizing and regular house maintenance?

Packing: What to take?

Banking: Local accounts? Exchange rates?

Budget: Cost of Living? Unknown expenses?

Family: School for son? Social life for wife?

Work: Grade level? Curriculum? Philosophies? Requirements for assessment and reporting?

Travel: Getting there and Back? Overlap with partner here or there? Vacations while there?

Utilities: Transfer names? Fees for changing responsible party?

Electric: Protecting and powering our devices?

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